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Ursula und Hermann Schneider established their ceramics workshop in 1948 as an extension to their work as architects. They designed architectural ceramic elements for their building projects.

Ursula Schneider also developed her own line of pottery. She was especially interested in colour. Experimenting extensively with glazes, she created an expressive, highly coloured ceramics collection. Rabiusla ceramics attracted interested and enthusiastic customers at first in the region of Zurich, in Switzerland and later in Germany, Scandinavia and in the USA.

Rabiusla provided work for several employees and also trained apprentices. Daughter Ursula Schneider, now an artist living in the USA, worked for several years in the pottery. Later, Ursula Schneider extended her interests beside architecture to ceramic sculpture and wall relief's, in which she integrated found metal and glass objects. As an artist, she was a pioneer in the 1950s and realised an unmistakable ceramics style.

Her son, Andreas Schneider took over the workshop in 1978 and from this basis began to develop his own artistic personality.

In parallel to the colourful pottery with abstract decoration, annual collections were presented on various themes that also included designs using metal, wood and glass. From 1979 - 1998 yearly collections of candlesticks have been shown. 1996 relocation of the workshop to Zürcher Weinland.
Specially staged guest exhibitions have been presented at chosen locations since 2001.

Note: Every object is unique. In the absence of a catalogue, the pieces that appear here are possibly available only in a similar form.