Artist statement

Work in Progress The enchanting of common things.

As a child I frequently was taken to museums, where ancient artifacts deeply touched me.
I felt, that some objects would speak to me, even I did not understand what it was.
Many years later when I started to create objects myself, it was clear to me, that my work should have a similar effect: To speak to the recipients in order to feed them.
My basic interest in the design of objects is to add meaning. I understand an object as a metaphor to play with. I am successful when at the end my object asks uncertain questions.
While my work is rooted in the collective consciousness the production of my objects in "materia" follows its own rules. This goes through and is part of my entire work.

Andreas Schneider 2017

Andreas Schneider
1948 Born in Zurich, Switzerland
1964-67 College of arts & crafts, Zurich (drawing, sculpture & design)
1969-75 Works as Illustrator and graphic designer
1976-79 Colleges of arts & crafts, Zurich and Bern (ceramics)

Since 1978 works in his Studio RABIUSLA
Since 1979 exhibitions in Europe, USA, Japan
Since 1980 works frequently as teacher/instructor for various institutions
Since 2003 workshops in Cortona for the Swiss Institute of Technology, ETH, Zurich
1998-2004 co-head of the Swiss Ceramics Association SCA

Works in public collections:
Museum Veste Coburg, GE, The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas, USA
Musée Ariana, Genf