Artist statement

Work in Progress Ever since I was young, the visual arts—antique as well as contemporary—have been a central feature of my life. In those days, I was equally impressed by the works artists of the classic modern as by the archaic artefacts
of ethnological museums.
The spiritual energy radiating from ancient objects never ceases to capture my imagination. To me, they mirror a collective treasury
of human experience—and they also tell of the cultural relationship between maker and user. Not needing an elaborate design,
they find their own natural expression. Instead of aiming at fashionable trends, they maintain a timeless appeal. My work gives more emphasis to statement than form, for it is rooted in a broad ideal, and it seeks to give expression to unspoken nuances.
First, I am captured by what a thing actually does, whether plate, table, or lamp. But then I delve into the object's symbolism
of the object, into theme it suggests, taking into account it's contemporary context, as well as it's deeper cultural and historical meaning. To be sure, appropriate function and aesthetic expression are central features of utilitarian design; nonetheless, I always devote my attention to the soul
of my works. This supplies it with a foundation, and it provides it with an aim:
to charge up my objects with the spiritual energy required to nourish their future owners' deepest needs.

Andreas Schneider

Andreas Schneider
1948 Born in Zurich, Switzerland
1964-67 College of arts & crafts, Zurich (drawing, sculpture & design)
1969-75 Works as Illustrator and graphic designer
1976-79 Colleges of arts & crafts, Zurich and Bern (ceramics)

Since 1978 works in his Studio RABIUSLA
Since 1979 exhibitions in Europe, USA, Japan
Since 1980 works frequently as teacher/instructor for various institutions
Since 2003 workshops in Cortona for the Swiss Institute of Technology, ETH, Zurich
1998-2004 co-head of the Swiss Ceramics Association SCA

Works in public collections:
Museum Veste Coburg, GE, The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas, USA
Musée Ariana, Genf